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EAPD 2022 Pre-Congress Programme Packs a Punch

The EAPD 2022 Scientific Committee, under the leadership of Prof. Dominique Declerck from Belgium, has managed to put together a comprehensive pre-congress programme that will be presented on Wednesday, 15 June 2022, in Auditorium 2 at the Lisbon Congress Centre.

Delegates can choose between two parallel running sessions.

EAPD 2022 NuSmile Symposium: Progressive Aesthetics in Paediatric Dentistry
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Moderator: Dr LaRee Johnson

This workshop is limited to 50 delegates!!!

You’ll enjoy a combination of interactive lectures and hands-on training, encompassing everything from treatment planning and behavioural management to high-yield, detail-oriented tips and tricks around proper cementation and placement of Paediatric Zirconia Crowns.

Paediatric Dentist as Caries Manager for Young Permanent Teeth 

Time: 09:00 – 17:15
Moderators: Assoc. Prof. Sotiria Gizani and Prof. Norbert Krämer

Don’t miss out on insightful lectures by and inspiring discussions with:

Prof. Emeritus Svante Twetman

Dr Stefanie Amend

Dr Hendrik Meyer-Lückel

Prof. Norbert Krämer

R Frankenberger

Prof. Monty Duggal

Prof. Anil Kishen

Prof. Dr Rita Cauwels

Dr Jakob van Acker

Assoc. Prof. Sotiria Gizani

Dr Andreas Agouropoulos

Prof. Paul Ashley

Mr Greig Taylor

M Lenhard

Assoc. Prof. Sotiria Gizani and Dr Kyriaki Seremidi have also organised a lunch-and-learn sessions that include clinical case reports. Only colleagues registered for the pre-congress can submit a clinical case and participate in our lunch-and-learn session.

Click here to register for and benefit from the EAPD 2022 pre-congress programme.