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EAPD Awards Excellence in Paediatric Dentistry

The EAPD Awards, among others, recognise young scientists in paediatric dentistry.

We caught up with Dr Elif Kuru from Uşak Üniversitesi in Turkey, one of the winners from the 12th EAPD Interim Seminar that was hosted in Oslo, Norway, in 2021, to ask about her experience of the event.

What has happened in your career since receiving your EAPD Award in 2021?

It was a game-changer for me. It was my first time applying and I didn’t expect to win. My academic self-esteem has risen, and I feel inspired.

Receiving the Young Scientist Award allowed me to be recognized by respected professors in my country, increasing my opportunities to collaborate and receiving such an award in the first year of my official academic career attracts the attention of the students I teach.


What research are you conducting at the moment?                   

I am focusing on vital pulp treatments and MIH management in young permanent teeth.

Why should young researchers register for EAPD 2022?

EAPD’s congress provides the opportunity to communicate with people who are well-known in the field, in addition to learning about current issues. It offers a nice environment for improving your conference presentation skills.

I especially recommend it for young researchers at the start of their academic careers to experience this beautiful scientific environment.


Dr. Kuru will be joining us in Lisbon this year.
She will present her poster titled Regenerative Therapies with Bioactive Materials in Immature Permanent Teeth: A Case Report on Friday, 17 June 2022.

If you also want to be part of EAPD 2022, register here.