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SVK Sedation Award

SVK Sedation Award

Regulations and Description

This SVK Sedation Award is announced by the Swiss Association of Paediatric Dentistry (SVK ASP) to promote scientific work on the control of pain and anxiety in children.

Description: This is a competition for the best research presentation on the topic of “control of pain and anxiety in children” at the EAPD Congress.

Award: There will be 1 prize awarded. The winner receives an amount of CHF 2000 and a certificate. The winner is announced by the EAPD President, at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress.

Procedure: EAPD members wishing to participate in the competition must submit their abstract during the submission period of the EAPD Congress, indicating that they are candidates for the SVK Sedation Award. The Scientific Committee will review and evaluate all abstracts submitted for this competition. Among eligible abstracts and based on their ranking, a limited number will be shortlisted for entry into the competition at the Congress. Submissions for either poster or oral presentation will be considered, but oral presentation of the research work will be requested from all shortlisted candidates, even if the work was submitted as a poster presentation. The presenting authors of the shortlisted abstracts will be informed by the Scientific Committee and must present their research at the relevant SVK Sedation Award Competition Session at the EAPD Congress. The abstract should be presented by the pre-assigned presenting author, otherwise the abstract will be withdrawn from the competition but can be presented as a regular abstract. The presentation by each shortlisted candidate will be judged by three senior members of the SVK/EAPD, who will decide on the winner for this award.
Abstracts that were not shortlisted for entry into the SVK Sedation Award Competition may still be accepted for presentation at the Congress.

Research abstract and presentation requirements:  All research abstracts submitted for the Swiss Association of Paediatric Dentistry (SVK) Sedation Award Competition should follow the instructions for authors regarding ‘research abstracts’ as they appear in the ‘Abstract submission guidelines for authors’ section.

Important Notes:

  • This award is only open to EAPD members and EAPD student members in good standing (membership fee paid) that have registered for the EAPD Congress. All other applicants will be rejected.
  • Authors participating in the Swiss Paediatric Dental Society (SVK) Sedation Award Competition cannot apply for any other Award at the Congress.
  • The winners of this award are expected to submit a manuscript with their research findings for publication in the European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry within 6-9 months following the Congress.